Accurate Reporting

The photo can never lie – it is taken live, coupled with a time stamp and GPS coordinates of what is generated in the report is 100% accurate as the report is a live accurate reflection of the images and location of the report.

Time Stamping

International technology that enable the verification of the time at which a given electronic document was created and whether it is authentic or not.A timestamp thus does verify that a given electronic document had existed at some point.

image app

Mobile Responsive

Once over is technologically geared to fit any screen resolution from wide screen to mobile, landscape or portrait the software will work excellently on any resolution providing you have internet access.

Always Online

Online, all the time, so you can access reports or create new ones 24/7 worldwide from any location that has access to the world wide web.

Easy To Use

No tutorials necessary. Straightforward ease of use , login and go!

Free Option

A free online option is available which will serve your needs and capture your information effectively.

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