Accurate Reporting

Trucheck is a simple easy process of using your camera to save a record of a time and place with an image.

Some great examples of using Trucheck is when renting a car – take pictures of any scratches and save it to the app. The app then generates a report showing the image along with the time and place of when the picture was taken.

You can take loads of images so even if renting a house and you want to record the condition it is – this will certainly come in handy when you move out and need proof of condition when you moved in.  Best of all it is FREE.

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What Is Trucheck
All About?

Have you experienced unscrupulous landlords who use the clause about retaining the rented apartment in the original condition to give you a hard time while moving out? Or you have had a problem proving the condition in which you rented a car? Have you been in any situation that needed accurate evidence that you had no way of producing? Trucheck is the solution to your problems.

Trucheck is a simple application specifically developed for keeping of records as evidence when needed. You can use your smartphone camera to take quality pictures that automatically records time and location in which the picture is taken. You can take photos when moving into a house showing details of the condition of the house. You can take pictures of scratches and save when renting a car as the proof may be needed. Unlike a traditional camera, trucheck records accurate location and time information. What’s more, the process is automatic.

Why use Trucheck


You get a record of reliable evidence and undeniable proof.


High accuracy of information. The application reports accurate time and GPS location along with the taken image.


Trucheck is easy to set up in your smartphone and is automatically updated to the latest versions in case of changes. Also, it is mobile responsive, adapting to any screen resolution, efficiently switching from landscape to portrait as preferred by the user.


You save important information in an organized platform.


The application is user-friendly and very fast. All you have to do is take a picture and the application handles the rest of the information.


No limit to the number of pictures you can take.


A support team always ready to help with any issues.


Trucheck efficiently gives you real-time and accurate reporting.


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